Blue Belle Leaders

"Be the Best, Accept No Less, and Live with Pride." 


Director, Susan Schubert 

Susan Schubert has been with the Blue Belles for twenty-two years. She is a graduate of Southwest Texas State University, and is certified to teach dance and physical education. Her philosophy is that dancers should progress as performers, as students, and as members of society. 

Assistant Director, Brooke Wetuski

Brooke Wetuski is a former Blue Belle captain. She has always considered herself part of the Blue Belle family, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her love of dance with the Leander community. Currently, she teaches Dance 1, Dance 2, IB Dance, and The Sapphires junior varsity dance team.  She is certified in dance, physical education, language arts, elementary education, and English as a second language. Brooke has always believed that dance is an art. Helping girls express themselves through movement is her passion in life.


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(left to right)  Madelyn Guerra, Sarah Schoeplein, Kaelin Winters, Cali Gomez, Analeigh Herrera


company leaders 2.jpg

company leaders

(left to right) Kacey Stewart, Lyndsey Bagby, Malory Weigel, Sarah Wilcox, Claribella Reeve