Out of the Blue 2018 - Blue Belle Spring Show

Clinic Participation Information

On Performance Night
  • Arrive at 6:30pm in the band hall.
  • Tickets are $15
  • Wear costume and makeup. Wear spring show shirt as a cover up.
  • Concessions, professionally recorded DVDs, and flowers available for purchase.
  • Pick up your child in the band hall after they dance or at intermission.

★ PreK & Kinder: “Get Back up Again” - Kaelin Winters & Cali Gomez (caligomez29@gmail.com and kaelin.winters39@gmail.com)

  • Performance Night: Friday (4/27)
  • Hair: half up, half down
  • Attire: clinic shirt, black leggings, tennis shoes
  • Accessories: any backpack


★ 1st & 2nd: “Under the Sea” - Grace Guzman and Emmaline Hall (grace.guzman16@k12.leanderisd.org and emmaline.hall92@k12.leanderisd.org)

  • Performance Night: Thursday (4/26)
  • Hair: up (ponytail, pigtails, or half up half down)
  • Attire: anything beachy (tropical shirts, sun hats, sundresses, sunglasses, clinic shirt and colorful shorts if they don’t have that), bare feet
  • Accessories: pool floaties, sunglasses, etc. (provided by Blue Belles)


★ 3rd & 4th: “Mr. Blue Skies” - Mariah Rodriquez (mariah.rodriquez02@k12.leanderisd.org)

  • Performance Night: Friday (4/27)
  • Hair: ponytail or braid
  • Attire: any blue top, any black bottoms, bare feet
  • Accessories: provided by Blue Belles


★ 5th & 6th: “Lost in Japan” - Ally Lusk (allyson.lusk59@k12.leandersid.org)

  • Performance Night: Thursday (4/26)
  • Hair: half up, half down
  • Attire: pink or red shirt with black leggings, bare feet
  • Accessories: none


★ 7th - 12th: “Anything Could Happen” - Kelly Franks and Mykala Daigle (kelly.franks85@k12.leanderisd.org and mykala.daigle97@k12.leanderisd.org)

  • Performance Night: Saturday (4/28)    
  • Attire: any red dress, bare feet
  • Hair: half up, half down
  • Accessories: none